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Disney’s Frozen

Frozen_2013_Poster_3_640x914“Frozen” was THE movie to see this Thanksgiving with your family. I was a little skeptical after seeing reviews like “the best Disney film since ‘The Lion King” (OC Register), how could they compare it to one of the best Disney films of all time? For me Princess movies from Disney have been lacking lately. Would Frozen be able to live up to this statement?

It did, sort of. I wouldn’t say that it was up to “Lion King” status, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable film.

Like “Brave”, Disney has decided to focus on a family relationship more than the romance in the film. I am all for that, little girls should be shown that they do not need to depend on a man. You know, feminism, yada yada yada. However, for me, “Brave” which had a absolutely no love interest for the independent Merida, was lacking the spark to make it really Disney. “Frozen” attempts to balance a story of sisterly love and a story of romance. They do a really good job of it too, just not perfect.

The music was divine, which it couldn’t not be, with Eva Menzel (Wicked) playing Elsa. I went home singing the songs and begging my sister to build a snowman, which I will probably do everyday for the rest of her life, even though there is no snow here ever. It was another triumph in the music department for Disney. So, I would have to say that the music is as good as “Lion King’s” iconic score. However, the story is not quite able to reach those heights.

You will be laughing the whole movie, even if it is just because it is way too sappy at parts. My biggest complaint is that the villain is passive for about 80% of the film, and the plot is lacking in the action I felt the trailers promised. I would have liked to see more peril and more fighting, but the movie was good fun. And I have to give Disney props for creating a heroine who learns that she doesn’t have to wait to be saved by someone else.

I like the new feminist era of Princesses that has moved in with “Tangled,” “Brave”  and “The Princess and The Frog.” I just hope that little boys don’t lose their role models too. Can we get a prince movie over here?! It’s been a long time since “Hercules” and “Tarzan”.


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MV5BNzM4MDQ2MzM5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzYyNDAyOQ@@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_It’s Just Celebrities jumping into the water, but somehow it’s so much more than that!

As Drake Bell angrily punches the water, I too wonder, why didn’t you do better? As Celebrities belly flop into the deep end, I too feel their pain. It’s not just diving, it’s emotion! It’s the drive to do better, its competition among people who have no idea what they are doing, and that is why I like it.

“Splash” is yet another TV show that I wrote off as stupid, and now I am totally addicted to. I especially love when they have the real divers come out to do death defying dives!

I will admit that I am emotionally invested in this series now. However, I really hope there isn’t another season of this. Who thought this up any way? Celebrities are not made for a diving competition, it just seems so random.

Their catch phrase kind of says everything you need to know about the show: “Live and Let Dive.”

I kind of like it but I also cringe as I read it, just like when I watch the show. 🙂


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Warehouse 13!

MV5BMTQyNTg2OTQ0NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTEzODgyMw@@._V1_SY317_CR9,0,214,317_My sister just introduced me to Warehouse 13, and I must say I was blown away! The amount of creativity that goes into this show is stunning, and the characters are just simply amazing.  They have the best banter and their relationship makes them impossible not to love.

Pete and Myka are our protagonists. Pete is the quirky strong guy and Myka is a strong female character who loves to follow the rules. Each has their own serious emotional baggage and reasons for joining the Warehouse team. However, the show does not take the traditional stance of trying to make Pete and Myka date, in fact, very little about this show could be called typical.

Pete and Myka are former Secret Service agents that have been thrust into this new world of Warehouse 13. What is Ware house 13 you ask? Warehouse 13 and it’s agents are in charge of finding and isolating history’s artifacts that have picked up mysterious powers linked to their past. Like A pen from Edgar Allen Poe or the Looking glass of Lewis Carroll. Some are good some are bad, but they all come with a price.

I simply cannot take my eyes of this show. I think I may have even taken binge watching to a whole new level with this one. Unfortunately, the series is near it’s end, so jump on the band wagon before it’s too late!

Syfy has hit a home run with this show, with out a doubt.

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The Paley Fest is Back!

rumple That is Rumplestiltskin, and all of the Major cast members of Once Upon a Time in the flesh!

I love Paley Fest. It is a great opportunity to learn something new about all of your favorite TV shows. All of the events are panels of the major creative people and actors from the different show. The most popular shows and usually some very new ones attend.

It is fun to listen to the actors tell behind the scene secrets and see footage from upcoming episodes (We saw one and a half episodes that had not been aired yet!). Plus you get the opportunity to ask questions at the end. I even got Rumpelstiltskin’s autograph, which, I have to admit was way more exciting than I ever thought it would be.

I highly suggest that if you are any where near the Los Angeles area that you make plans to join the next Paley Fest.

Another awesome thing is that The Paley Center is always throwing really cool events like this for new shows or old.

Honestly, I am not getting paid for this, I just love Paley Fest! 🙂

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go on“Go On” is completing it’s first lackluster season on air. The characters lack the emotional depth that the premise leaves available for the writers to use and the plot is boring. The show has all the pieces, but they aren’t put together right.

The show focuses on Ryan King, a narcissistic sports radio host, who has to join group therapy to deal with the death of his wife. The set up is a lot like “Community” mixed with “Anger Management,” with plenty of really strange characters in the group. All of the characters have very emotional back stories but the show prefers to go for a shallow laugh rather than any real exploration of the characters in the group. When the show does take a deeper look into the psyche of the characters, like in the episode “the World Ain’t Over Till its Over,” the show is quite honestly, funnier. The show tends to only scratch the surface of the characters, which makes it very hard for the audience to feel any attachment to the characters, which is important to keep them watching the show. It is extremely important that the show develops and discovers who its characters are so they can draw in the audience.

The characters of the group are all fun, and have cute stories, like I said before. Unfortunately, most of the time Ryan is off doing his own thing, until the group comes up with a really weak reason to intervene and support Ryan. The show has a great cast of characters and even a few stars including, Matthew Perry from “Friends,” who plays Ryan, and does an awesome job. However, the stories do not take enough advantage of the large cast involved. The show needs to try something new like having more going on in an episode to make the show more interesting. The plots tend to move slow and are not very compelling.

I continue to return to “Go On” when I have caught up on all of my shows on Hulu, but it does not quite make it. However, the fact that it keeps drawing me back proves that it could be a great show.  I know I would like to see Matthew Perry succeed again.

If “Go On” doesn’t change it up, the show will not make it to the next season.

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Warm Bodies

After finally going to see “Warm Bodies” I can tell you, go see it! It was hilarious, with plenty of zombie humor to go around. Despite seeming like it is going to be a typical comedy, where the focus is on the laughs and not on the characters, I would rank this film up with some of the best romantic comedies out there. Take a look:


It’s just as good as it looks! Keep an eye out for his best friend. He has the best line in the whole film.

And so I leave you with “Bitches man…” (when you see the movie, you will get it).

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I’ll Be Back Soon I Promise!

I am on vacation this week! But to tide you over, here is one of my favorite genre flipping videos, “Scary Poppins”!

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