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Catching Fire

MV5BMTAyMjQ3OTAxMzNeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDU0NzA1MzAx._V1_SX214_For those of you that didn’t rush out to see the premiere of Catching Fire, you missed out. Movies are always better when the theater is full of people who are genuinely excited about what they are going to see.

Personally, I went to a double feature, showing Hunger Games and Catching Fire back to back. The extra money for the ticket was well worth it! The crowd was hyped, and the energy from the first film flowed seamlessly into the next. It really gave you a feeling of how the two films matched each other. Plus, it was funny to watch the obnoxious guy in front of me laugh after every single line Woody Harrelson (Haymich) said.

In terms of the film itself, Jennifer Lawrence did it again! She was flawless and did a spectacular job portraying the rather complex character, Katniss.  Catching Fire is truer to the book than hunger games was, and I can understand the changes that they made. Somethings in books simply do not translate well on film. It was beautiful, the world of Panem is exquisitely brought into existence, and the arena is even more devastating than before.

The writers were able to counterbalance the striking drama of the story with perfectly timed sarcastic lines from many of the characters. There are plenty of new characters and plenty of old to become newly attached to, but remember, only one person survives the Hunger Games.

I don’t want to give anything away, especially for those who haven’t read the book, but be prepared for the ending. It will leave you majorly hanging! I had so many feelings left over I didn’t know what to do.

This film is going to be all anyone is talking about for the next couple of months, so go out and see it!


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Warm Bodies

After finally going to see “Warm Bodies” I can tell you, go see it! It was hilarious, with plenty of zombie humor to go around. Despite seeming like it is going to be a typical comedy, where the focus is on the laughs and not on the characters, I would rank this film up with some of the best romantic comedies out there. Take a look:


It’s just as good as it looks! Keep an eye out for his best friend. He has the best line in the whole film.

And so I leave you with “Bitches man…” (when you see the movie, you will get it).

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Underappreciated 90’s Kids Movies

When people think of kids movies from the 90’s, many think of Disney, and that’s just not right.

The 90’s were the golden age for children’s content, and there were so many other places creating wonderful movies! When I find out that one of my friends hasn’t seen one of these movies I feel empty inside. Then I force them to watch it, these are the essential films of childhood people!  I think it is time that these movies get some recognition.

I’ve whipped up a quick list of my top ten favorite under appreciated 90’s kids movies.  I had so many that I liked that I simply had to limit myself.

10. The Pagemaster -1994

Many people remember Macaulay Culkin for Home Alone, but I wonder how many people remember The Pagemaster. It’s a fun little tale about a boy who is scared of everything finding courage through adventures in the library with a set of talking books. I remember as a child begging my mother to take me to the library because I was sure it was a magical place. I wanted to read and be sucked into an animated world! It never happened, but it got me interested in reading, and I think there are very few films that can say they do that to children.

9.Small Soldiers – 1998

A story of a teen and his crush battling action figures that have been enhanced by missile technology and given a mind of their own. As a kid I loved the Gorgonites and I was pissed when I found out they weren’t real. So as a warning, if you have kids, after seeing this they will want toys that can play back and Furby won’t be good enough!

8.Thumbelina – 1994

I think it’s kind of obvious what this film is about. So I’m just going to say that Charo plays a toad. It’s ridiculous and I love it!

Oh and it’s a musical!

Music+(Charo+Toad)+Fairies= watch

7. FernGully: The Last Rainforest – 1992

A movie made by hippies to make children love the environment (the villain is basically smog. Voiced by Tim Curry! ). It’s hilarious and musical while also informing people on important issues. I definitely prefer this fairy to Tinkerbell.

Many people love the character genie in Aladdin. I think Robin Williams does an equally good job as Batty, the bat.

6.Swan Princess – 1994

It’s a beautiful love story. But mostly I love the side kicks.

Be ready for singing!

Its really hard to point out a specific character who is my favorite, they are all so wonderful!


5. We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story – 1993
A fantastic tale of Dinosaurs being given Brain Grain to make them smart and non-violent so they can help to grant the wishes of children in our time. They romp around New York and get into all kinds of shenanigans with their new friends. But evil is lurking just around the corner.

More singing! And loveable characters that can really pull on your heart strings.

4.The Pebble and The Penguin -1995

Before “Happy Feet”, before “March of the Penguins,” before all of the singing penguin movies, there was The Pebble and the Penguin.

This film is entertaining while also being surprisingly accurate when it comes to science. As a kid I learned a lot from this movie. Like the main predator to a penguin is the Leopard seal, and why certain penguins collect rocks. I also learned the lyrics to tons of songs (which I am singing as I write this), and it was my first introduction to Barry Manilow.

Tim Curry and many other stars have spectacular performances in this film.

3.Anastasia – 1997

A fantastic princess movie that could be a Disney film, but isn’t.

More music!

Its a wonderful film filled with stars, seriously it’s crazy. Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kristen Dunst, Angela Lansbury, etc.


2.Rock-A-Doodle -1991

Another movie about a real life person being sucked into an animated world so that they can save the day.

When the rooster, Chanticleer, discovers that his crow doesn’t make the sun rise, he gets depressed and goes to become a rock star. Back at home the owls are taking over and plunging the farm into darkness. Will they save the day!?

I just love this movie! It’s another musically driven plot, but that’s just what children’s movies should be.

And #1 is… *drum roll*….

1. Wild Wild West – 1999

Some people think this is the worst movie that Will Smith has ever made. WRONG!

It’s fantastic! It just makes me smile. Especially now when I watch it and I raise my eyebrows at some parts and wonder how my parents let me watch this!

If you can’t watch the movie you at least have to become familiar with the rap and it’s music video. It’s ridiculous (in a good way)!

I can still remember going to the Burger King drive through to get my Wild Wild West sun glasses. I thought I was so cool.

Mostly the reason I love this movie is because it inspires me. It just proves that when it comes to creativity anything can go.

Oh, and just in case  you were wondering, it is not a musical (but it should be).

Runners Up:

  • Jumanji – 1995
  • Matilda – 1996
  • Troll in Central Park – 1994
  • Space Jam – 1996
  • Cool Runnings – 1993
  • Good Burger – 1997
  • James and the Giant Peach – 1996
  • Tom and Huck – 1995
  • A Little Princess – 1995
  • Homeward Bound – 1993

Disqualified for not being made in the 90’s (But still awesome):

  • The Brave Little Toaster -1987
  • All Dogs Go To Heaven – 1989
  • The Rugrats Go Wild -2003
  • Milo and Otis -1986

Most of these movies are full of big stars and I can’t believe they get forgotten or left out so often.

Well, that’s it. Let me know if I forgot something really important by leaving a comment below.

I’m feeling so nostalgic now!

Happy movie watching!

More posts to come!

All images from imdb.com


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