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Dr. Who 50th Anniversery

Yesterdays episode was fantastic! I know there was a lot of squealing in my household. Other than a lack of the 9th Doctor, it was just perfect. And it broke the Guinness World Record for the largest televised telecast!

I loved Billie’s performance, pure genius! The chemistry between David Tenant and Matt Smith made everything work wonderfully.

The best part for me was John Hurst’s portrayal of the War Doctor. He was sweet and loveable and innocent, while also being strong and intense. The perfect balance in a character playing such a pivotal role.

Now that the special has past it is time to prepare for the Christmas Special, and sadly, the departure of Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor.

Here is the extremely brief tease from BBC:


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The Night of the Doctor

Have you seen it?! It’s simply fantastic!

BBC has released a short mini-episode to tease the up coming Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, and for fans of the show it is outrageously exciting. I don’t want to give a lot away. See it for yourself here, let the squeals of joy commence!

Great right!?!

Officially my new favorite doctor! I love Mini-Episodes!

Seriously though, Eight only got to be in the film, it was really cool to see him again, AND I am so ready to find out what happened between Eight and Nine during the time war!

If you haven’t seen the show, you are going to think I am crazy, or you just aren’t going to care. However, if you are interested in finding out more about this crazy show that absolutely everyone is talking about now a days, first, read my blog posts to get an idea for what you are in for. They are HERE and HERE. Then start watching “Dr. Who” I would suggest starting with the film or the new series, just be aware, the first couple of episodes are very campy, get past those and you are golden (and possibly also addicted). I would wait to watch any classic “Dr. Who” until you are truely in love with the show.

For anyone already in love with the show, get ready for “An Adventure in Space and Time,” it looks wonderful!

Love “Doctor Who”? Need to let out all the feels you just received from that mini-episode? Leave a comment below! And stay tuned for my Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special post! (Only eight days left!)


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Dr. Who Trailer

It’s finally here! The trailer for the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Did you see all of the little tidbits? It’s like an iSpy book in there!

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The Doctor Who Experience in Wales!

This sounds like it could possibly be one of the most amazingly, fantastic and geeky things you could ever do in your life! I have officially decided that I HAVE to go!

You can fly the Tardis, yes, the Tardis! Along with many other sets and props. not to mention a shop full of Dr. Who merchandise! Plus its only 22 pounds for a general admission ticket! Not to mention getting to be in the UK!

TV buffs, this is a must see! Here is the Website.

So basically I got nothing done this week after I discovered that this existed. I have been creating a plan to get myself there. It will happen, even if I have to fly inside someone’s carry on luggage!

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Ripper Street, I Think I am in Love!

cast of Ripper Street  Let’s be honest I was kind of going to love this show no matter what. I mean, Mr. Darcy, is starring in it! However, this show really can stand on it’s own two feet, even without Mr. Darcy (although he doesn’t hurt).

The show takes place in Whitechapel in London’s East End in 1889, six months after the Jack the Ripper murders. This is a band of men who were going to bring Jack the Ripper down before he completely disappeared. The show opens with a bloody death that they say must be a new murder by the Ripper. Inspector Reid (Mr. Darcy/ Matthew Macfayden) doesn’t believe it is the work of the Ripper is determined to prove it is not. The writing is superb and the characters are highly believable. The cinematography and costumes are beyond beautiful, which only adds to the illusion, making it seem more real. BBC has done a great job of bringing to life a part of history that is not usually covered, while making it interesting and compelling.

I cannot wait to see what becomes of this series! Hopefully there will be many more seasons to come!

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Elementary? No thanks, I’ll Stick with Sherlock.

Elementary---Stagione-1_cover_u I have been trying really hard to like “Elementary,” but it just isn’t happening. I think part of the problem is that “Sherlock” is so good! So now I hold all related material up to it in comparison. And “Elementary” is no where near as good as “Sherlock.” In this version, Sherlock Holmes has moved to America to escape his past. He is a drug addict and Watson is his sober counselor sent by his rich father to lead him out of addiction. They, of course, have their squabbles while Watson slowly becomes more intrigued by the life that Sherlock lives. The drama continues as they solve crimes while consulting with the local police force.

I have been a fan of the Sherlock Holmes story for a long time, starting as a child with Disney’s “The Great Mouse Detective.” From there I graduated into the old black and white TV series, which, coincidentally, is also better than “Elementary.” A huge part of the story has always been the relationship between Watson and Sherlock. This dynamic is completely changed in “Elementary” when they replace Watson, usually played by a man, with a woman. Now I am usually all for strong female characters, but not when it messes with stories that are already good and don’t need to be fixed. Plus it adds a weirdly romantic air to a relationship that was previously completely platonic.

Lucy Lu has taken on the roll of Watson, but I don’t see her as Watson, I see her as Lucy Lu. A better choice may have been to go with a less well known face who doesn’t distract from what is going on.

Overall, “Elementary” is a sad rip off of Sherlock, that by no means does the franchise justice. If you are a lover of any or the reincarnations of Sherlock Holmes, my advice is to steer clear.  I will probably keep my eye on this show, in the hopes that as it matures, it will get better. But I highly doubt it will.

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Doctor Who

Characters, to me, are the most important part of any film or TV show. I have mentioned multiple times in my previous posts what I thought of the characters or the character development. I can’t stand to watch films that have weak characters or characters that come in and you are just supposed to love them right off without knowing anything about them. I love getting to know the characters and who they are, the crazier the better.

Doctor Who is an absolutely perfect example of characters that capture you so that you can’t help but love them. Doctor Who is a tricky show, in that if you try to explain it, it sounds stupid, but if you simply watch it everything falls into place, and BAM! It’s fantastic.

I found a nice blog post that explains it rather nicely. See it here.

Personally, I suggest that if you plan to take on Doctor Who you watch the 9th Doctor first and work up to the present http://blogs.coventrytelegraph.net/thegeekfiles/Eccleston%20TARDIS%203.jpgDoctor. Those are the only generations of the Doctor that I am familiar with, aside from a few episodes of the first Doctor. Well, I guess I have to explain this. You see the Doctor is the time traveling main character in Doctor Who, and he can’t die he just regenerates which makes him look like a totally different person (because he is a totally different actor). Doctor who has been around for an extremely long time in Britain, but recently it was made into a new TV show.

The 9th Doctor is the first in this series. Personally he isn’t my favorite, but he is the perfect introduction into this series.

Anyway, I have found that in every episode new characters are introduced, and I am always amazed at how attached I get to every single one of them. And whenever the Doctor regenerates or he gets a new companion I think to myself that I won’t like them, I can’t possibly love them as much as the one before, but I do.

I can find myself screaming at the television at any given time while watching Doctor Who, and I love it. Doctor Who would be nothing with out it’s characters. The depth and intricacies of each character make Doctor Who the perfect example of how characters are the most important part of any show.

It’s an absolutely wonderful adventure and everyone in the world should see it because it will undoubtedly make them a better person.

If you already watch Doctor Who, carry on. If you have yet to experience it, start immediately!

Happy Movie Watching!

More Posts To Come!



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