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Dr. Who 50th Anniversery

Yesterdays episode was fantastic! I know there was a lot of squealing in my household. Other than a lack of the 9th Doctor, it was just perfect. And it broke the Guinness World Record for the largest televised telecast!

I loved Billie’s performance, pure genius! The chemistry between David Tenant and Matt Smith made everything work wonderfully.

The best part for me was John Hurst’s portrayal of the War Doctor. He was sweet and loveable and innocent, while also being strong and intense. The perfect balance in a character playing such a pivotal role.

Now that the special has past it is time to prepare for the Christmas Special, and sadly, the departure of Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor.

Here is the extremely brief tease from BBC:


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The Night of the Doctor

Have you seen it?! It’s simply fantastic!

BBC has released a short mini-episode to tease the up coming Dr. Who 50th Anniversary, and for fans of the show it is outrageously exciting. I don’t want to give a lot away. See it for yourself here, let the squeals of joy commence!

Great right!?!

Officially my new favorite doctor! I love Mini-Episodes!

Seriously though, Eight only got to be in the film, it was really cool to see him again, AND I am so ready to find out what happened between Eight and Nine during the time war!

If you haven’t seen the show, you are going to think I am crazy, or you just aren’t going to care. However, if you are interested in finding out more about this crazy show that absolutely everyone is talking about now a days, first, read my blog posts to get an idea for what you are in for. They are HERE and HERE. Then start watching “Dr. Who” I would suggest starting with the film or the new series, just be aware, the first couple of episodes are very campy, get past those and you are golden (and possibly also addicted). I would wait to watch any classic “Dr. Who” until you are truely in love with the show.

For anyone already in love with the show, get ready for “An Adventure in Space and Time,” it looks wonderful!

Love “Doctor Who”? Need to let out all the feels you just received from that mini-episode? Leave a comment below! And stay tuned for my Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special post! (Only eight days left!)


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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fantastic or Fail?

Coulson is alive!
A very confusing, yet exciting prospect, due to his death in the film series. But in this world superheroes exist so anything is possible, right? The show follows a small team of agents that Coulson has formed after he has been brought back to life. Some of my friends have been a little confused by this show, which is fair because the purpose of the task force can be a little unclear at times, but I just tell them it is the “Men in Black” of superheroes. The superheroes are hiding and S.H.I.E.L.D is out to control them.
In terms of what I think of the show, I don’t like it, but I kind of do, its all very confusing. I find Skye and the two techno nerds extremely annoying and the purpose of the whole thing is way to vague. Sometimes it seems like they are rounding up superheroes, other times they are a task force doing random fighting stuff (honestly, I want to see more superheroes).  Also, I have a huge conspiracy theory that Coulson is still dead, or dreaming, or brainwashed, BECAUSE:
1.He now has everything he ever wanted, which never happens in TV until the final episode.
2.He seems to have been programmed with a call and response. Every time someone mentions Tahiti, where he supposedly went to recover, he says the same phrase, “It’s a magical place.”
3. The show is totally setting up S.H.I.E.L.D. to be the “bad guy”. Even Coulson is starting to question them a little!
SO, something fishy is going on and I don’t trust the whole thing and that is probably what has turned me against the whole thing.
Ok, geeky rant now over.
I officially have to redact anything I said previously, because my sister loves this show and will bar me from saying anything bad about it. And I know I can be wrong, so I need to know, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fantastic or Fail?
More on new Fall shows to come, and keep an eye out for my fantastically fan girlish Dr. Who 50th Anniversery Special post.

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Netflix Has Ruined My Life!

murder she wroteI was going to write another list of great movies to watch on Halloween. However, I cannot.

Netflix has removed “Murder, She Wrote” from Netflix!! How am I supposed to keep up with Jessica Fletcher now?!

“Murder, She Wrote” is a typical nosy old woman sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. But, she solves mysteries all at the same time. The character Angela Lansbury plays is simply endearing. I grew up watching the show, so a certain amount of nostalgia is attached to the show for me. However, I feel like it is still a gem. Despite low production value, the stories are fun and family friendly.

Many people have a certain perspective of this show, but the truth is that it can really surprise you. For instance, there was a whole episode involving Jessica’s cross dressing nephew. Which is a subject I never thought this show would ever talk about.

I am officially going to go out and buy every single season. I don’t need to eat this week, right?


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Dr. Who Trailer

It’s finally here! The trailer for the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Did you see all of the little tidbits? It’s like an iSpy book in there!

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Sleepy Hollow – Things Just Got Weird

index I really have been rooting for this show, but the episode “The Lesser Key of Solomon” totally turned me off from the entire series.

Originally, the show was about Ichabod Crane who came from the Revolutionary War era and woke up in modern times. There he met a police officer named Abbie Mills. They are working together to solve a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding days of America. It had all the right amounts of spooky and history mixed together, and I told all the nay sayers they were wrong, I tried to convince them this show was worth watching.

But now, I think they were right. In this episode things got really weird and I was just plain uncomfortable the whole time I was watching. Suddenly the focus has become very occult and just strange. I mean the guy having his head bent backwards in the first or second episode was weird, but it was s fleeting moment. I just couldn’t handle the gates of hell opening and the religious references. I mean don’t get me wrong, I liked Da Vinchi Code and I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but there was just something too weird about what was going on in this episode.

I think I am going to give up on this series and find something else.

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