Netflix Has Ruined My Life!

murder she wroteI was going to write another list of great movies to watch on Halloween. However, I cannot.

Netflix has removed “Murder, She Wrote” from Netflix!! How am I supposed to keep up with Jessica Fletcher now?!

“Murder, She Wrote” is a typical nosy old woman sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. But, she solves mysteries all at the same time. The character Angela Lansbury plays is simply endearing. I grew up watching the show, so a certain amount of nostalgia is attached to the show for me. However, I feel like it is still a gem. Despite low production value, the stories are fun and family friendly.

Many people have a certain perspective of this show, but the truth is that it can really surprise you. For instance, there was a whole episode involving Jessica’s cross dressing nephew. Which is a subject I never thought this show would ever talk about.

I am officially going to go out and buy every single season. I don’t need to eat this week, right?



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